Jason Boseck
Vested Communities

Jason is the Founder, President and Board Member of Vested Communities, a housing impact fund that has the mission to create 100% home equity owners in 100% of the communities we impact.

Through a fractional-equity model, Vested Communities is creating the first scalable investment channel in the single-family asset class in partnership with Homeowner Associations (HOA), Condominium Associations and Co- ops. The Vested Communities roadmap includes establishing partnerships that protect property valuations across 7,500 communities by deploying $20+ billion of investment capital for 75,000 homes & families, annually – getting all residents vested in the long-term performance of their community.

Jason has spent 25 years focused on mission-driven enterprise, including the creation of the Greenhouse Gas Trading Desk at Cantor Fitzgerald in 1998 (Environmental) and serving as the Founder & President of MobileParking (Transportation), prior to its merger with Parking Data Ventures in 2008 and ultimate IP sale to BMW. Vested Communities is a market-based solution to impact America’s largest and most fundamental social issue (housing) and will be Jason’s focus for the next 25-years.

Jason earned a B.A. from Columbia University, where he majored in Economics.