Dr. Yang Pang
Chelion Renewables

Dr. Yang Pang has twenty-years experience in academic research, and over twenty-years experience in financial service industry, including over ten years in renewable energy investments. He is currently Chairman of Chelion Renewables – a global renewable energy technology solution provider, specializing in energy storage products. During the past decade, Dr. Pang co-founded Renewable Japan – a company invests, develops, builds, and operates renewable energy projects, and was among the first to issue Japan infrastructure REITs for renewable energy projects. He has also been active in Chinese financial markets, including the management of quantitative trading funds and the development of Chinese securitization sector.

Prior to working in China, he was a partner and a member of the investment committee of a large global hedge fund manager headquartered in US. Dr. Pang was an assistant professor of physics at Columbia University, and did research in quantum field theory, general relativity and high energy nuclear physics. He received Ph.D in physics from Columbia University, and B.S. in physics from Fudan University in China.