Terry Lau
Emperor Wealth Management


Terry Lau serves as the esteemed Director of Emperor Wealth Management Ltd, bringing with him over 20 years of experience as a professional portfolio manager. A proud alumnus of the University of London, where he earned a Master’s degree, Terry has focused his career on fostering meaningful relationships with his clients while diligently managing their assets.

While his skill set in strategic asset management has contributed to generating notable returns for his clients, Terry’s true passion lies in building and nurturing long- lasting connections with those he serves. His empathetic approach to understanding the unique needs of each client has been instrumental in developing tailored investment strategies that align with their individual goals and aspirations.

Terry’s expertise in identifying market trends, combined with his commitment to cultivating strong relationships with key stakeholders in the industry, has allowed him to provide his clients with well-informed, personalized guidance. His dedication to transparency and honest communication has further solidified his position as a trusted confidant in the wealth management arena.

As the Director of Emperor Wealth Management Ltd, Terry Lau remains steadfast in his mission to prioritize client relationships and deliver exceptional service, ensuring that the financial well-being of his clients is always at the heart of his work.