Sean Holland
New York Life

Sean Holland’s responsibilities at New York Life include manager research, due diligence and risk oversight across a spectrum of investment strategies. He developed ESG performance analysis and risk monitoring, including ESG policies, procedures and measurement tools at New York Life.

Prior to this role, he worked as a principal for Comave Advisors. Previously, Sean served at the NYSTRS pension.

His investment experience spans many asset classes globally as well as various types of alternatives including direct investments. Sean’s background includes asset allocation, portfolio construction and risk management.

Sean is on the board of the Atlantic Conservation Partnership, supporting ocean conservation research and educational programs at Bermuda’s national aquarium. He is also the chair of Sea Stories, an annual forum on ocean exploration and conservation at the Explorers Club.

Sean has a CPA, B.S. in accounting from Babson College and an M.B.A and M.S. in risk management from New York University-Stern. Member of the Economic Club of New York.