Rachel Minard
Founder and CEO
Minard Capital

Rachel S.L. Minard is the Founder & CEO of Minard Capital LLC, the leading global asset-raising consulting firm headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Rachel is also the Founder & CEO of Minard Venture Capital LLC and Minard Capital Media LLC, which conceived, launched and manages The Minard Guild – an invitation-only, investor networking event whose attendees represent $11T in assets.  Minard Capital has worked with over 100+ firms and is not a broker/dealer nor third-party marketer. 

Prior to building Minard Capital, Minard Venture Capital and Minard Capital Media, Rachel built and managed global institutional investment businesses for 25 years, including 19 years building fund of hedge fund firms, notably J.P.Morgan Investment Management, Cadogan Management and Corbin Capital Partners. She has raised raised over $19 billion in her career and started her marketing career in 1991 after her first company was hired to build the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. She serves on the Investment Sub-Committee of the Westover School Endowment. 

Rachel received her B.A. in Journalism with honors from Northeastern University with notable distinction as a Wesley W. Marple Distinguished Lecturer by the university.  Rachel is a frequent and celebrated keynote speaker at industry conferences including guest appearances with Bloomberg Markets, CNBC, Forbes, AWAI and TEDx.