Peter Tesei
First Selectman
Greenwich, Connecticut

Mr. Tesei has served six terms as Greenwich First Selectman [Mayor]. During his 12-year stewardship, the Town has consistently and effectively improved and maintained its infrastructure through strategic capital planning and investments. With his economic foresight and his experience as a bank vice president for Bank of New York Mellon, he has been successful in proposing conservative annual budgetary plans and obtaining Town-wide approvals for them.

The Town of Greenwich maintains the lowest effective property tax rate in the State of Connecticut while continuing to provide the municipal services that attract both young families and seniors to live in Town. The Town has benefited from several public-private partnerships in which major community projects were completed with significant monetary contributions to the Town from generous citizens including the Byram Park Pool, and aesthetic and accessibility improvements to Greenwich Commons and Bruce Park. During his tenure, his commitment to community engagement is evidenced by his establishment of the First Selectman’s Economic Advisory Committee, the Youth Commission, the Diversity Advisory Committee and the First Selectman’s Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities. 

Mr. Tesei is a fifth-generation Greenwich resident who began his public service at the age of 18 when he became the youngest person ever elected to the Representative Town Meeting, the Town’s volunteer legislative body. Prior to his election as First Selectman in 2007, Mr. Tesei was elected to the Board of Estimate and Taxation [Finance Board] on which he served for 10 years including six as Budget Committee Chairman. Before serving as First Selectman, he worked in the financial services sector for nearly 20 years, serving as a Vice President of the Wealth Management Group of BNY/Mellon.