Milind Mehere

Serial entrepreneur, builder, thinker, angel investor, husband, and father. Milind is the Founder and CEO of YieldStreet and is on the mission to change the way wealth is created. A serial tech entrepreneur, he founded YieldStreet on the simple belief that everyone, regardless of their net worth, should have access to make the most of their money. Prior to YieldStreet, Milind spent nearly a decade scaling Yodle from $0 to $200M in revenue and employing more than 1,400, while helping hundreds of thousands of SMBs market their businesses online. Yodle was acquired by (Nasdaq: WEB) for $342M in 2016.

Milind has a track record in building large scalable businesses and delivering life-changing products to underserved markets. Milind shares knowledge of investment and tech trends, company growth, building great teams, fundraising, and fan-favorite, fine whiskey. When Milind is not working, you can find him watching the Patriots with his son, traveling with his wife, reading non-fiction, and running in Central Park while listening to his favorite podcast, Hidden Brain.