John Hope Bryant
Founder, Chairman and CEO
Operation HOPE, Bryant Group Ventures and The Promise Homes Company

John¬†Hope¬†Bryant, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Operation¬†HOPE, Co-Founder of¬†Financial Literacy for All,¬†Founder of The Promise Homes Company,¬†and Entrepreneur.¬†¬†John¬†is a regular on CNBC Squawk Box, MSNBC, and CNN as well as regularly appearing in leading print publications for his work on financial inclusion, credit counseling, access to capital, and entrepreneurship.¬†¬†John‚Äôs most recent CNBC Squawk Box appearance:¬†Biden‚Äôs minimum global corporate tax is ‚Äėbrilliant‚Äô:¬†John¬†Hope¬†Bryant¬†(July 2022)