Jeff Li
Gopher Asset Management International, Noah Holdings

Jeff has 28 years of executive management experience in the financial industry in US and China, specializing in hedge fund investment, operations, asset allocations, quantitative investment strategies and digital wealth management. He is currently the CEO of Gopher Redwoods Asset Management International Ltd, wholly owned by Noah Holding (NYSE:NOAH).

From 2018 to 2021, Jeff held various senior positions in the wealth management companies in China. He was the Chief Product Officer of Lufax Holding (NYSE:LU), where he was responsible for developing the company’s financial product strategy, innovation and execution. He was also a member of the Executive Committee of PingAn Group and member of the 1 st Shanghai QDLP Advisory Committee.

Jeff co-founded and acted as CEO of Sycamore Investment Services – a technology empowered investment advisory company in China in 2016, specializing in hedge fund analytics and investment services. The company completed its strategic sale to PingAn Group in 2018.

In 2004 Jeff co-founded OpHedge Investment Services with SFM and PGAM, which became the world’s 7th largest independent hedge fund administrator and successfully completed the strategic sale to CITCO in 2010, and continued to serve as CEO of CITCO (China).

Jeff started his career in finance with hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management in Greenwich, US in 1997, as an investment strategist developing trading strategies and investment models. He later served as Vice President of the Equity Quantitative Strategies Group of Goldman Sachs & Co in New York responsible for program trading strategies development.