JaNay Queen Nazaire
Chief Strategy Officer
Living Cities

Dr Queen Nazaire is a researcher, convener, and facilitator of people toward action. As Chief Strategy Officer at Living Cities, Dr. Queen Nazaire works with public, private, and philanthropic stakeholders in American cities to deploy millions in public and private capital in innovative ways to help people of color thrive. She harnesses the power and resources of 18 multibillion-dollar foundations and financial institutions working collectively towards systems change. Throughout her career, Dr. Queen Nazaire has worked across sectors, at every level of government, domestically, and internationally to provide creative, and solution-focused leadership and strategy to overcome social and economic challenges for children, adults, families, and communities.

Her passion is building relationships and networks to empower and mobilize leaders as they advocate for people who have been left out and systematically denied social, political and economic power. Specifically, Dr. Queen Nazaire uses her leadership positions to create wealth and wellbeing for Black, Indigenous and other People of Color. In addition to her role at Living Cities, she is on the board of Ureeka, Prince George’s Social Innovation Fund, and Soul Xpressions.

She also serves as faculty and advisor for leaders, fellows and institutions to help them behave differently and focus on an equitable, results-driven approach. Dr Queen Nazaire is the co-founder of Builder’s & Benefactors, a community of Black private equity and venture capital investors recreating the marketplace so all can thrive. She speaks, writes and facilitates on topics such as impact investing, collective action, data-driven decision making, systems change, racial justice and disruptive leadership.