Erik Schatzker
Editorial Director
Bloomberg New Economy

Erik Schatzker is the Editorial Director for Bloomberg New Economy (“BNE”), the division of Bloomberg Media dedicated to coverage of and engagement with the global transition to a more resilient, equitable and sustainable economy.
Schatzker, based in New York, defines BNE’s direction, editorial priorities and content development. He also oversees the programming for the New Economy Forum, Bloomberg’s flagship conference, in addition to several other live events.
Prior to joining BNE, Schatzker spent 15 years at Bloomberg Television as a reporter, anchor and, most recently, as the developer and host of the Front Row series of in-depth conversations with the world’s preeminent leaders in finance. His recent accomplishments include a rare interview with Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro in Caracas, major developments in the multibillion-dollar collapse of Archegos Capital Management and a Bloomberg Businessweek cover story in which he went behind the scenes of an FBI sting operation.
Previously, Schatzker was a reporter, editor, bureau chief, and team leader for Bloomberg News in Canada and the U.S. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in history and began his career at the South Pacific Mail in Santiago, Chile.