Cormac Kinney
Founder & CEO

Inventor of the only regulator-approved diamond commodity. Software developer and entrepreneur, with innovations cited by others in nearly 4,000 patents. Founder of 6 startups, with 4 acquired by public companies or investment funds.

A quant finance pioneer who invented heatmaps, designed over 100 institutional trading systems, and perfected sentiment analysis, using it to manage over $500 million for Tudor and Millennium. Now, as founder of Diamond Standard, Cormac has solved the challenge of creating a standardized diamond commodity. Transacted on the blockchain, it is the first physical and digital asset, forming a decentralized reserve to asset back any digital contract.

Previously founded Flont, and before that led a team of 70 funded by Rupert Murdoch, building a next generation social network integrated into premium news publications, beginning with The Wall Street Journal. Developed company and the technology, which later merged into News Corp.

Inventor of real time and big data technologies in many diverse computer science areas, including social networks, Heatmaps, real time factory optimization, trade cost analysis, real time news sentiment analysis for securities trading, and wireless encrypted authentication for physical goods and blockchain applications.

Quantitative and statistical arbitrage portfolio manager, and a pioneer of computational linguistics and sentiment analysis for securities trading. Successfully launched several software companies and quantitative hedge fund teams. Raised and managed over $500 million from hedge funds including Tudor Investment Corp, and Millennium Partners.

Long track record as a software entrepreneur and CEO. Raised venture capital from Intel, Mayfield, Deutsche Bank, Bear Stearns, and other VC funds.