Understanding The Defining Issues Of Our Times

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Economic Implications of U.S. Elections amid U.S.-China Competition

Wednesday, October 14th

We invite you to join a discussion with Mr. David McCormick, the CEO of Bridgewater along with the former Chief Investment Officer of China Investment Corporation, Mr. Gao Xiqing, and Dr. Wang Tao, Chief China economist and Head of Asia Economic Research of UBS for an online dialogue on the “Economic Implications of the U.S. Elections amid U.S.-China Competition.”  The moderator for the discussion will be Li Zengxin, Deputy General Manager, Caixin Global.

The Economics of Pandemics – June 25, 2020

The global economic impact of COVID-19 may be THE defining issue of our time. Please watch the replay of Mohamed El Erian and former US Ambassador to China, Max Baucus, as we discuss the economic impact of COVID-19 and the various stimulus packages being rolled out across the globe.



Mohammed El-Erian

Senior Advisor
Gramercy Fund Management


Gillian Tett

Editor-at-Large & Chairman of the Editorial Board
Financial Times


Max Baucus

11th US Ambassador to China
Former US Senator